espancc83aPublished by Rebecca Crepeau, Salamanca Spain 

I wanted to share some information about where I am living! For anyone traveling abroad in the future, there is a difficult decision that must be made about where to live. I chose a residencia because of the high level of independence and sense of community at meals that it provides. I also wanted to be in a location close to the university. I really lucked out in my housing here in Spain. I am currently living about 5 minutes from the Plaza Mayor (the main “downtown” area of Spain where a lot of the events and meet-up’s with friends occur). I live in a beautiful, single apartment room with an attached bathroom and shower room. My bedroom is very large and has gorgeous ceiling crown molding. Oh, and the best part is that right now I am sitting in my windowsill, watching the activities in the city and looking at the beautiful fountain right outside of my balcony!

I have a residencia director, and her name is Pilar. She is a chatty and interesting lady. She and her husband share cooking duties, and are there to answer any questions. They have been hosting students (both US and other international and European students) for many years. Both are wonderful individuals.

I have attached pictures of the Residencia de la Torre- it is such a great place to live!



Below: My room. The Fountain changes colors at night, and it is just gorgeous. It’s my favorite thing to look at!:) In the middle photo on the bottom row, you see a large balcony. My window leads to that balcony.image