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Elyse Webb
IFSA Belfast, Ireland

Ms. International

How do people survive traveling around Europe without a reusable water bottle, yet a gluten allergy? Because if I learned anything this week, it was that tap water costs more than a Gucci handbag and a croissant should, in fact, become a food group by itself.

But let me start from the beginning.

This past week, my students had what Americans call ‘Fall Break’, and what the rest of the world calls ‘Holiday’. Therefore, I took advantage of this week off from adult responsibilities and traveled to Prague and Berlin.

Personally, I think the students needed this break from class more than I did. I only assumed this based off my experiences on Friday. Mind you, I am placed in a 6/7 year old class, which is equivalent to kindergarten/first grade in America. Since I recently left a fabulous placement in 2nd grade, I thought my 21-year-old self could handle…

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